Recently, I had the pleasure of recording the Strategies for Disruptive Retail podcast with Matt Riley, Senior Director, Events at Shop! Environments Association. The podcast is available above for you to click on and enjoy.

Matt visited the offices of Gustie Creative and saw the depth of our research into Disruptive Retail. He had been hearing a lot about Pop Up Stores in his office and that is where our conversation started. I began to explore the phenomena of Pop Up Stores in 2010 and realized they were just a start. I saw brands and businesses finding new and creative ways to enter the offline marketplace. Inspired, and deeply passionate about these exciting new developments in retail, I put a team together and we went on an informative deep dive.

What we discovered were new trends in retailing, inspired by forward thinking retailers, emerging worldwide. These new trends in retailing created disruptive, new solutions for brands and businesses to connect with consumers directly and move from online-to-offline retailing easily. These often short-term solutions had the advantage of integrating emerging technologies or trying out the latest in the IoT so the retailer could capture real-time analytics and data on consumers as well as their shoppers and shopping habits.

The Strategies for Disruptive Retail podcast offers insight on Disruptive Retail, exploring what it is and how it works. I want to thank Matt for his time and energy in putting it together.

Really hope that you enjoy listening and please share your comments or questions below.

Let’s continue the conversation!