BF Branded Fixture

a Branded Fixture is a custom designed fixture for your brand image, products or services.

Business benefits include increasing brand awareness and optimizing a small physical footprint. Customers like brand affinity and differentiated products and services in-store.

Create Disruptive Retail, BF, Branded Fixture, Gustie Creative LLC

Gustie Creative designed this Branded Fixture for a national real estate client. The client was looking for an upscale, sleek design that prominently displayed their corporate logo and provided a functional work area for employees. It is constructed of walnut wood with a cherry finish. It features a matching walnut transaction top and custom pin mounted laser cut metal signage. The desk portion accommodates the latest technologies and all wiring is concealed.

Business Benefits

custom designed fixture
Increase brand awareness
Optimize a small footprint

Disruptive Factor

Disruptive Factor

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