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a Boutique is a small retail environment selling niche products or services to a sophisticated or specialized clientele.

Business benefits include immediate transactions and a physical retail location, short or long-term. Customers like personalized service and direct interaction with the brand or business.

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Disruptive Retail Profile


A Boutique is a great solution for the co-founders of GRAUPEL. They recently opened a Virtual Fit Boutique in Miami, Florida to connect fashion-savvy, fit frustrated shoppers with their online couture community of independent designers.

At this Virtual Fit Boutique, a shopper can gain styling advice, try on virtual garments, and book an appointment for a 3D body scan in the Virtual Measurer. A 3D body scan generates 150 body measurements in just 3 seconds and creates a shopper profile that is stored to make future purchases, online or in-store. Any garment purchased is made to fit the precise measurements of the shopper.

A Virtual Fit Boutique gives GRAUPEL a physical location for shoppers to directly interact with the brand, touch and feel their custom garments, and experience their innovative 3D Fit Technology.

Business Benefits

Physical location
Brand focused
Personalized service

Disruptive Factor

Disruptive Factor

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